The Illa-Pen

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The New Illadelph Electronic Pen is now one of the hottest pens on the market. We have done our research and testing to provide a product that is at the Illadelph level. We evaluated each aspect and created our take on what would make the best pen. The Illa-Pen comes in 10 of the classic Illadelph colors.

Monster Battery The monster battery ensures that you get the utmost powerful hit. The larger battery capacity makes the hassle of charging much more infrequent, occurring every 7-10 days.

Variable Voltage Our battery allows for variable voltages, 4.8V being our recommendation. This higher voltage is necessary for creating massive hits.

Unique Atomizer Our atomizer has been re-engineered for strength and with a custom design, despite the generic look. This piece is essential for taking "dab-like" hits and utilizes a heavier gauge wire. There were many difficulties in creating this custom atomizer as electrical current and resistance represented serious factors.

Heat Suppressing Mouth Piece The unique design of our plastic mouthpiece helps to diffuse the temperature of the smoke inhaled. With standard mouthpiece's gaping hole, heat is transmitted through the pen and into your lungs, our mouthpieces suppress this by-product of heat eliminating temperature from every hit.

American Glass We offer the only American made production dome created from heavy wall tubing with durability in mind.

Whats in the Box We have included a custom box with a foam insert to keep your pen safe and secure. Along with your pen you will find a wall charger and instructions for maintenance and use.

Lifetime Warranty The Illa-Pen battery comes with a lifetime warranty.

Free Shipping The Illa-Pen Ships free.

Agreement of Sale - By purchasing this product from Illadelph Glass you are over the age of 18. If you are not legally able to purchase tobacco products in the state where you live, please do not add this product to the shopping cart.