Illa-Pen Top

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The Illa-Pen top is designed for the Illadelph Electronic Pen and comes standard with 510 thread screw. The Illa-Pen comes with and atomizer, heat suppressant mouthpiece and custom colored glass dome.

Unique Atomizer Our atomizer has been re-engineered for strength and with a custom design, despite the generic look. This piece is essential for taking "dab-like" hits and utilizes a heavier gauge wire. There were many difficulties in creating this custom atomizer as electrical current and resistance represented serious factors.

Heat Suppressing Mouth Piece The unique design of our plastic mouthpiece helps to diffuse the temperature of the smoke inhaled. With standard mouthpiece's gaping hole, heat is transmitted through the pen and into your lungs, our mouthpieces suppress this by-product of heat eliminating temperature from every hit.

American Glass We offer the only American made production dome created from heavy wall tubing with durability in mind.

Free Shipping The Illa-Pen Top Ships free.